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Contact name: Ghulam Sarwar Adil
Area: International City
Address: i 12 morocco international office 07dubai
Contact Tel: 044572796 0555128900-0506940983
Email Address:
Web Address:
Services offered : Facilities
Description of services: AL SAIF FACILITY MANAGEMENT SERVICES LLC is your partner in managing your commercial, industrial and residential facilities. We provide preventive, corrective and recurring property maintenance services in the United Arab Emirates. We strive to maintain the highest professional and ethical standards to ensure the best services available.

Our company offers the experience, the competent management, and the personal touch you’ve been looking for. We communicate frequently and don’t have to guess about your satisfaction. We make sure we are delivering exactly what we promised on day one. As long as we do our job, we will continue to work with you and your business. This keeps us very motivated to keep our commitments and give you a clean facility daily.

Our clients are our sales force. We strive to maintain good working relationships with our customers, and this process starts simply—by completing the job to the customer’s satisfaction each and every time.

We take time to understand the client’s needs and carefully match them with our wide range of services, so that the management we provide is tailored to your needs.

We offer a wide variety of services including:

• Janitorial Services

• Helpers

• Parking facilities

• Painting Services

• Plumbers

• Electricians

• Carpenters

• Post construction clean up services

• Building cleaning mainte


Company Name: ICM Capital
Contact name: ICM Capital
Area: Jumeirah
Address: ICM Capital 36 Alie Street London, United Kingdom E1 8DA Tel: +44 207 488 7300 Fax: +44 207 702 9213 Dubai (DMCC Branch) Jumeirah Business Centre 2 Suite 2708, Dubai, UAE P.O. Box: 113058 Tel: +971 4 429 4500 Fax: +971 4 457 9207
Post Code: 113058
Contact Tel: +971 4 429 4500
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Web Address:
Services offered : Finance & Legal
Description of services: ICM Capital is an award winning online trading company authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA registration number 520965). With headquarters in London and a branch office in Dubai we are your gateway to straight forward foreign exchange, commodities and CFD trading.

Company Name: Roll Roy Middle East
Contact name: Roll Roy Middle East
Area: Dubai International Airport
Address: Sharjah International Airport FreeZone (SAIF Zone) Q4-41 Delivering all over Dubai. Private and via retailers.
Post Code: 120320, SAIF Zone, Sharjah
Contact Tel: 065579405
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Services offered : Decorators, Painters, Industrial Supplies
Description of services: Professional company selling wide range of painting and maintanance tools and equipment for general market but also very specialistic markets.

Deco items
Decoration items
Putty Knifes
Marine rollers
Epoxy tools
Flooring rollers
Flooring tools
Telescopic poles
Measuring tape
FRP Tools

Company Name: Facts Computer Software House
Contact name: Lalit Khatri
Area: Bur Dubai
Address: P.O. Box 66135, Dubai (UAE) Tel: (+971-4) 3529915 Fax: 3511377 Email: Home : Location: 201, Mohd Malik & Sons Building Adjacent : Al Zahraa Techno Centre Khalid-bin-Al-waleed Road, Burdubai Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Post Code: 66135
Contact Tel: 04-3529915
Email Address:
Web Address:
Services offered : IT Consultancy
Description of services: We are the best ERP service Providers in UAE with product range from full fledged Accounting system to Warehouse management, our software is fully customizable meeting the specific requirements of the clients

Company Name: Ximax Middle East LLC
Contact name: Sydhel Bunyi
Area: Media City
Address: Office 805, Thuraya Tower, Tecom, Dubai, UAE
Post Code: 37119, Dubai
Contact Tel: +97144469846
Email Address:
Web Address:
Services offered : Industrial Supplies
Description of services: Our product is an advanced delivery system generating ClO2 solution with stabilised high purity greater than 99.99% at 0.35% in water (3500ppm). It is made from mixing two stable liquid components. As we are always investing in research and development, our technique is always updated so we can offer two liquid components or two powder delivery system, a single tablet or even ready to use single liquid.

Xziox is an eco-friendly algaecide, bactericide ,fungicide and a potent biocide that is able to eliminate harmful micro-organisms such as Cryptosporidium, Escherichia coli, Listeria, Staphylococcus aureus, Giardia cysts, algae, Salmonella to name a few. It also eliminates the full spectrum of bacteria, algae, fungi, spores, protozoan, yeast and methanogens viruses.

In U.K the Building Services Research and Information Association (BSRIA) has recommended Cl02 to be the best technology for control of Legionella in hot and cold water systems.

Our unique patented formula leaves no disinfection-by-products (DBP), no Trihalomethanes(THM), no Haloacetic acid (HAA), and no Mutagen X(MX), that are a risk to human health.

It is non-explosive and can be readily transported as desired. There are no costs associated with fire-proofing facilities and special training by authorised personnel. It has an array of cost-effective, low maintenance, high performance, transportation and environmental advantages.

Xziox is a trusted method of disinfection in a wide range of industries to name but a few, such as:

Waste Water Treatment
It safely oxidises phenols, cyanides, aldehydes, and mercaptans, to reduce sulphur compounds and some pesticides. It reduces growth of troublesome bio films and bacteria known to contribute to effluent fouling and bad odour. It is non-corrosive to pipes and increases life cycle for piping because of removal of bio film.

Cooling Towers
The use of Xziox assists in control of algae, plank tonic bacteria, bio-film & scale, helping to maintain the efficiency of heat exchanger surfaces, reservoir intakes and ancilliary equipment. It will lead to significant cost savings and works at a wide PH range 4-10.

It is well-established in hospitals for decontaminating equipments, hard-surface, reactors, vessels, filtration units and processing tanks in the pharmaceutical formation units.

Oil & Gas
It destroys IronSulfide and the IronSulfide will not re-precipitate, as it can with conventional acid jobs.
It is a biocide that kills bacteria by destroying the bacteria’s cell walls leaving the water sterile.
It reduces or eliminates polymer residue.
It reduces Hydrogen Sulfide levels significantly. It is dispersible in oil, water and organic solvents.

Paper & Pulp
Cl02 is used as delignification/bleaching agent, providing a high quality, low-cost process. It eliminates all dioxin discharges into the environment hence is eco- friendly.

Cl02 is used to remove established bio-films that lines irrigation systems, clogs emitters and can potentially harbour pathogens. It eliminates nozzle blockages and reduces chemical costs. It increases produce yield as it protects against infectious diseases. There is reduction of chemical costs and increases shelf life. It also reduces risk of cross crop contamination.

Poultry & livestock
▪ Daily live weights gains increases.
▪ Mortality rates greatly reduced
▪ Increased egg weights and numbers

Municipalities & Treatment Plant



Fruit & Vegetable Processing
▪Increased shelf life
▪No additional labour
▪Reduction in water usage
▪Use of product approved by all major UK and EU directives
▪Reduction in energy usage
▪Reduces the need for other spray type products

Beverage & Food Manufacturing and Processing

Swimming Pools

Our product has been approved by the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI), U.K. The components used to generate our solution are fully compliant with the European Standard DIN EN12671. Xziox Solutions chlorine dioxide and its two component pre cursors are fully covered by both REACH and EU Biocide Directive.

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